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meet Alyssa

Hello! Thanks for stopping by; I’m assuming you want to know a little more about me.

I’m a poet, editor, and the author of seven years. I graduated from University of West Florida with my Master’s in Creative Writing.

I write poetry based on my life experiences. I typically write poems to help myself heal and process emotions, but I publish them to help others heal and know they’re not alone.

While seven years was my first book, I have many more poetry books planned, so subscribe to my newsletter for updates.

Currently, I live in St. Petersburg, FL, with my boyfriend. When I’m not writing poetry, you can find me reading a good book, swimming laps in the pool, or traveling and exploring new countries.


Most frequent questions and answers

I started writing poetry when I was a teenager. Before that, I used to write novels, and I also used to journal. I started writing poetry because it felt the most natural way to express myself, and I’ve been doing it ever since.

  • I’ve read one hundred books in just one summer.
  • I’ve lived in six different states and eleven different houses.
  • I won the Poetry Lemay Poetry Contest. I earned $50, and it was the first payment I got for my poetry.
  • I got my first publisher rejection when I was eight, and I got my first acceptance when I was nineteen.

I hope to one day publish novels again, but I want to publish all my poetry book ideas first! I do have ideas for a dystopian or a romance novel in the works though.

Poetry is such a powerful way to process complicated emotions and observe the world around us. It's an art form that can connect us with others through our rawest emotions.
Alyssa Harmon