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Whether you need help with marketing strategies or need a poetry editor, I’ve got you covered.

poetry editing services

poetry editing

Do you need help editing your new poetry manuscript before you share it with the world? As an editor with over five years of experience, I pay close attention to little details to ensure your manuscript is the best version it can be.

publishing Help

Want to self-publish a poetry book but aren't sure where to start? As someone who's been through the process, I can help walk you through everything and set you up for a successful book launch!

poetry workshopping

Not ready to publish a poetry book yet? Want to work on honing your craft? I can do a workshop over Zoom or through Google Docs to give you poetry advice and feedback and help you unlock your writing potential.

poetry publishing mistakes

poetry editing

Copy Editing

I can help you proofread your poetry manuscript and ensure it's error and typo-free.

Developmental editing

I can identify how you can improve your poems and help you grow as a writer.

manuscript editing

Do you need someone to look over your poetry book as a whole? Let me be your first reader!

publishing consultation

step-by-step guidance

The poetry self-publish process can be confusing, but I'll walk you through every step of the process.

Marketing assistance

I'll help you develop a marketing plan for your poetry book to help you get sales.

stand-by assistance

Whether you have last-minute questions or an issue pops up, I'll be there to walk you through it.

self-publishing vs traditional publishing
publishing a poetry book

poetry workshopping


Even if you're not publishing a poetry book, you can still receive feedback on your poems.


Getting constant poetry feedback can help you grow as a poet and learn more about the craft.


The skills you learn after going through a poetry workshop will carry into all of the poetry you write going forward.

what clients say

“At incredibly reasonable rates, Alyssa provided insightful and productive feedback that took my poetry to the next level. She is always happy to answer any questions I have, and I can’t wait to work with her more as soon as I’m ready for publishing. I’d recommend her to any poet seeking an editor or mentor!”
Ethan harrison
"Alyssa was a dream to work with. She understood exactly what I wanted from the get-go, kept in constant communication, and helped me put together a book that I am proud of. I look forward to continuing my work with her in the future, and highly recommend her to other poets who need both a critical eye and a cheerleader."
mark engelsson
Mark Engelsson
author of what if what's inside me isn't me
"I was nervous to hire an editor because I wasn't too sure what to expect. Alyssa was extremely patient and answered all of my inquiries I had about the editing process. She got my edits back in a timely manner and gave honest (and real) feedback. It was insightful and beneficial to know what a fellow reader and author thought of my manuscript. Overall, she was phenomenal to work and I highly recommend."
jess voepel
Jessica Voepel
Author of My Youniverse

Why choose me?


- Master's in Creative Writing - Have been through numerous workshops
- Editor-in-Chief of Papercut Literary Journal
- Have been through the self-publishing process and sold 100+ copies in 90 days of publication


As I start gaining new clients, I'm offering affordable rates as I build my clientele. Contact me today to find out my pricing rates. I'm willing to work with you to find something you can afford.


I love helping people reach their poetry goals and watching them grow as writers

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